October 10, 2018 update

Dear Friends,


We’d like to share with you the most recent update as pertains to when we will be back in business, ready to once again deliver to our guests with an indelible dining experience amongst the sweeping New York City skyline. As per the most recent update provided to us by our landlord, who is managing the repairs being completed to the pier on which we reside, completion is near.


Due to unpredictable circumstances, such as the harsh hurricanes whose impact to the tides can be felt as far north as here, progress has been stunted from time to time, causing the additional delay to earlier projections as to when we would have access to the pier.


Again, we sincerely thank you for your patience and for your enthusiasm towards our return – we are forever grateful to all for the support and understanding during this difficult time which we hope is only but a bump in an otherwise great journey comprised of unforgettable meals with family, night’s out with friends, remarkable New Year’s Eves, and of life’s most special moments from engagements, showers and weddings.


We promise to continue to share any further news pertaining to the progress and our opening – especially once we receive a projected timeframe for our reopen – here as well as on our social pages.


Many thanks,

Battello Management